Sonrise Aviation

sonrise aviation


Sonrise Aviation provides on-demand service anywhere east of the Rocky Mountains within a 24-hour period. We can transport you and your party safely, conveniently, and comfortably in our twin engine piston or turbine aircraft. With cruise speeds of at least 195 MPH, we can get you to your destination quickly so you can spend more time on your vacation or conducting your business.  We also provide transportation of light cargo.


Sonrise Aviation is a dedicated, on-demand charter and maintenance provider for the aviation community. We have been in business since 2011, with growth happening each year. The company’s mission is to provide aviation services with quality and safety in mind, so every passenger has a pleasant travel experience and every customer is satisfied. Sonrise Aviation is committed to ethical business practices and compliance of applicable laws.


Sonrise Aviation was established in 2011 when Harold (Hal) Tavzel purchased the air charter certificate from B&F Aviation, formerly known as Brown Flying School, which had been around since 1955.  Hal actively started flying charters in April 2013, with one airplane and one other pilot.  Nine years later, Sonrise Aviation has significantly expanded its staff – adding more pilots, operations and maintenance personnel, and two additional partners.  Currently, there are four Cessna 310’s and a Cessna 340 available for Charter, with more airplanes coming soon.  A maintenance facility and office have been built, along with hangars added in multiple locations.  New aircraft are added every year.