Sonrise Aviation

sonrise aviation


How does private charter work?

Just give us a call or email, and we would be happy to give you a quote.

Is it affordable?

If time is of value, private charter is very beneficial. Customers choose their departure times and airports most convenient to them without the headaches of commercial flying. Most flights are direct.

What hours are you available?

Our Operations team is available 24/7.

Where is your office located?

Portland, IN

What separates you from the competition?

Our on-demand service.

What type of planes do you use?

Cessna 310 and Cessna 340.

How many passengers do you carry?

We can carry 3 to 4 passengers, depending on weight.

Are there any luggage limitations?

Yes, we can carry 700-800 lbs. including passengers and luggage.

Can you arrange my transportation to and from the airport?

Yes, the logistics coordinator can if needed.

From which airports can I depart and arrive?

Any airport larger than 3500 ft. for runway length.

How far in advance do I need to book a trip?

Call and check availability.

What happens after I book my flight?

Our Operations team will call and confirm details.

What happens if there is bad weather?

You will be notified of any changes due to weather.

How do I pay for my private charter?

For new customers, we accept credit cards or wire transfer before departure. Arrangements could be made for payment by check or cash.

Can you fly with pets?

Yes, if in a carrier.

Does my cell phone work in air?


What terminal and gates are used at the airports?

We fly directly to the General Aviation terminals/ FBO’s (fixed-base operators) for convenience.

How quickly can you arrange a cargo charter flight?

We are available 24/7.

Are there limitations on cargo size?

Yes, our available floor space for cargo is 7-1/2 ft. long x 40 in. wide and 39 in. tall. Box sizes could be up to 37 in. wide x 18 in. tall or 24 in x 24 in, light cargo only.

Can you help me acquire and manage my own aircraft?

Yes, we have advisors to help with that and have successfully managed several deals.